exception restless.exceptions.BadRequest(msg=None)
msg = 'Bad request.'
status = 400
exception restless.exceptions.Conflict(msg=None)
msg = 'There was a conflict when processing the request.'
status = 409
exception restless.exceptions.ExpectationFailed(msg=None)
msg = 'Unable to satisfy requirements of Expect header.'
status = 417
exception restless.exceptions.FailedDependency(msg=None)
msg = 'Request failed due to a previous failed request.'
status = 424
exception restless.exceptions.Forbidden(msg=None)
msg = 'Permission denied.'
status = 403
exception restless.exceptions.Gone(msg=None)
msg = 'Resource removed permanently.'
status = 410
exception restless.exceptions.HttpError(msg=None)

The foundational HTTP-related error.

All other HTTP errors in restless inherit from this one.

Has a status attribute. If present, restless will use this as the status_code in the response.

Has a msg attribute. Has a reasonable default message (override-able from the constructor).

msg = 'Application Error'
status = 500
exception restless.exceptions.IAmATeapot(msg=None)
msg = 'This is a teapot; do not attempt to brew coffee with it.'
status = 418
exception restless.exceptions.Locked(msg=None)
msg = 'Resource is locked.'
status = 423
exception restless.exceptions.MethodNotAllowed(msg=None)
msg = 'The specified HTTP method is not allowed.'
status = 405
exception restless.exceptions.MethodNotImplemented(msg=None)
msg = 'The specified HTTP method is not implemented.'
status = 501
exception restless.exceptions.NotAcceptable(msg=None)
msg = "Unable to send content specified on the request's Accept header(s)."
status = 406
exception restless.exceptions.NotFound(msg=None)
msg = 'Resource not found.'
status = 404
exception restless.exceptions.PreconditionFailed(msg=None)
msg = 'Unable to satisfy one or more request preconditions.'
status = 412
exception restless.exceptions.RestlessError

A common base exception from which all other exceptions in restless inherit from.

No special attributes or behaviors.

exception restless.exceptions.TooManyRequests(msg=None)
msg = 'There was a conflict when processing the request.'
status = 429
exception restless.exceptions.Unauthorized(msg=None)
msg = 'Unauthorized.'
status = 401
exception restless.exceptions.Unavailable(msg=None)
msg = 'There was a conflict when processing the request.'
status = 503
exception restless.exceptions.UnavailableForLegalReasons(msg=None)
msg = 'Resource made unavailable by a legal decision.'
status = 451
exception restless.exceptions.UnprocessableEntity(msg=None)
msg = 'Request cannot be followed due to a semantic error.'
status = 422
exception restless.exceptions.UnsupportedMediaType(msg=None)
msg = 'Type of media provided on request is not supported.'
status = 415