restless v1.1.0


This release adds Pyramid support, easier-to-override serialization, more documentation & fixed Flask tests/is_debug.


  • Added support for Pyramid (restless.pyr.PyramidResource). Thanks to binarydud for the patch! (SHA: 27e343e)
  • Added the Resource.raw_deserialize & Resource.raw_serialize methods to make changing the serialization format more DRY/easier. (SHA: 9d68aa5)
  • Added more documentation on how to extend Restless. (SHA: 0be1346 & SHA: 730dde1)


  • Fixed the Flask tests to no longer be skipped. (SHA: 89d2bc7)
  • Fixed FlaskResource.is_debug to now do the correct lookup. (SHA: 89d2bc7)