restless v2.0.2


This release makes some long-needed changes on error handling for Resource and its subclasses, plus support for both Django >= 1.9 and Tornado >= 4.0 and allowing alphanumeric PKs on all supported frameworks.


  • Allowed PKs with dashes and alphanumeric digits. (SHA: e52333b)
  • Reworked test suite so that it uses tox for simultaneously testing on CPython and PyPy, both 2.x and 3.x (SHA: 2035e21, SHA: 9ca0e8c, SHA: 3915980 & SHA: a1d2d96)
  • Reworked Resource so that it throws a NotImplementedError instead of returning an HttpResponse from Django. (SHA: 27859c8)
  • Added several HttpError subclasses. (SHA: e2aff93)
  • Changed Resource so that it allows any serializable object on the response body. (SHA: 1e3522b & SHA: b70a492)


  • Changed JSONSerializer to throw a BadRequest upon a serialization error. (SHA: 8471463)
  • Updated DjangoResource to use lists instead of the deprecated django.conf.urls.patterns object. (SHA: f166e4d & SHA: f94c500)
  • Fixed FieldsPreparer behavior when parsing objects with a custom __getattr__. (SHA: 665ef31)
  • Applied Debian’s fix to Tornado tests for version 4.0.0 onwards. (SHA: 372e00a)
  • Skips tests for all unavailable frameworks. (SHA: 8b81b17)