restless v2.0.1


This release has many bugfixes & introduces support for Tornado.


  • Tornado support. (SHA: 2f8abcb)
  • Enabled testing for Python 3.4. (SHA: 67cd126)
  • Added a endpoint variable onto Resource. (SHA: da162dd)
  • Added coveralls for coverage checking. (SHA: ec42c8b)


  • Updated the tutorial around creating data. (SHA: 542914f)
  • Removed an erroneous underscore in the Flask docs. (SHA: 691b388)
  • Fixed JSONSerializer determining if str or bytes. (SHA: 5376ac2)
  • Corrected an example in the “Extending” docs. (SHA: b39bca5)
  • Fixed docs in the validation docs. (SHA: 691b388)